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Consulting and Asset Management for Corporations and Non-Profits

B. Riley Wealth Management advisors also support the complex investment needs of corporate executives and the businesses they oversee – corporations, non-profits, endowments and foundations.

Comprehensive Investment Strategies and Solutions

  • Qualified plan and 401(k) advisory services
  • Corporate executive services
  • Investment management for non-profits and foundations
  • Corporate liquidity resources*
  • Private sale agreements for small private companies*
  • Directed share programs*
  • 144 and restricted stock transactions
  • Business lending resources*
  • Investment banking services*

Consulting Services for Qualified Plans and 401(k)s

  • Plan Design Assistance
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment Review
  • Investment Recommendation
  • Manager Evaluation
  • Performance Reporting
  • Participant Education
  • Plan Provider Search

Envision® Investment Planning Process

Combining goal-based advice with sophisticated statistical modeling, the unique Envision process creates an effective, easy-to-understand method for investors to prioritize and achieve important life goals.

  • The process incorporates:
  • Defining major life goals
  • Ideal and acceptable goals
  • Prioritizing goals
  • Stress testing
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring progress with the “Dot”
  • Updating goals and priorities

You’ll have the ability to monitor the progress toward goals and dreams you wish to accomplish. Your Envision plan creates a benchmark unique to your goals and situation. This information is displayed on your statements and online, where it is updated monthly.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck